Interviewer: Write a simple program to print “Hello world” in C.

Steve: Ok. First tell me what compiler am I using? What is the resolution of the screen on which my program will execute? Does it support Comic Sans? Will I like the keyboard that I will be typing the program in? Or is it some bullshit useless keyboard designed by mediocre loser people like you who just follow the motions and templates to push a design through so that you can forget about your end user and live a happy blissful life while I loathe my life typing into your pathetic attempt of making a consumer eyesore you call a keyboard?

Interviewer: Get out! Next!

Bill Gates: Sure. But do you only want to write “Hello World” on the screen? I mean you could print it on  command prompt which is cool for me, but for a person like you i would prefer printing it on a web browser which you can fathom easily. I think all computers should have browsers, don’t you? Just think of the time and effort we would save if everyone could write “Hello world” by just clicking a button! Then we could probably use the rest of their time to help other third world countries get rid of life threatening diseases and…..

Interviewer: Please forgive me…. next

Mark: Sure dude. I can do that for you. But wouldn’t it be better if someone saw me doing it or i could tell everyone I am doing this right now so that everyone knows that I can write a “Hello World” program? Wouldn’t you like it? I mean you can do a lot of cool stuff about it like other people can suggest you how to improve on the code or how they feel about it…..

Interviewer: I don’t feel good about you. Next.

Source: Quora

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