Heyy there!😀

How have you been? What has been going on lately in your life? Oh! I know what have you been thinking about!

Let me guess – “I have just passed out. My last semester grades have been pretty good. I need a nice job now. I have to start supporting my family.  What I would want to do with that money? Oh! May be I could buy that watch or perhaps that perfume”

If your thoughts are somewhere along these lines, Welcome Aboard:)

These thoughts are currently going on in the minds of all those 8000 graduates along with you, who are actively looking to fulfill that same aim.

But behind these thoughts go –

Applying in way too many companies, sitting for countless number of rounds handling the rejection, that feeling of being disappointed trying to meet parents expectations and in trying to re-motivate yourself to continue the same cycle.

It’s exhausting. We know it. But does it end once you get the job? Does it really? What comes next is worse!! What you read before was “The calm” before “The chaos”.

You got the job. Congratulations: D But, Hey what’s the job position? Testing, Maintenance..? What Technology? Do you have the required skills? The pay is decent but how are your Team Leaders? Is your boss a motivator or one of those stereotypes? How are your colleagues? Do you feel a team member or are you lonely? Office politicsssss!! Don’t even get me started on that!

Am I painting you a nice picture?:)

You would start to think the entire process sounds like a messed up maze. Well, lucky for you – it has an exit route:)

Lets start walking on it, shall we?😀

We begin by taking a deep breath.

Alright, hear me out on this one – your 4 years of college life not really been too fruitful. I mean yes, those 1400 days were  epic when it came to bunking classes, going out with friends, troubling the teachers, spending 80% of your time in canteens :’) But out of those 30 subjects that the college was supposed to “teach” you, only 5/6 matter when it comes to applying it in the real life and by that I mean using it in the INDUSTRAAYYYY!!

(Sorry for being so cruel. Trust me on this one though. Seriously)

Does this mean that you should probably feel gloomy and cry somewhere in the corner of your room? You could if you want to, I wouldn’t suggest it though😛 Where exactly is the solution to the problem then?

Here it is – Dont hurry yourself when it comes finding a job with a good pay. Just because it satisfies your temporary dream of being placed, dont rush into the trap. 

 As Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion said “I consider the first move to the most strategic way kids can live up to their full potential”

THIS is going to be YOUR first move in the Industry. Consider on making it big for the future, not for the present. Be smart. Be sensible. 

Learn what differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. What is it that is unique in you from rest of those 8000 BE Comp/IT graduates?

Learning Java, .Net, C# from the training institutes and paying for 2 month courses is fine. But that is something what everyone does.

What is it that is booming in the market, that has a crazy demand for but only a very few amount of people in the Industry know? Geniuses or Mavericks as we would call them. They know the secret, the hidden treasure, the wonder that needs to be learnt by each and everyone one of those in the IT field. It lays out the brightest future for the one’s who know it and for the ones who don’t .. Well, they don’t even know that they don’t know it. (Take a minute to get the hang of it)

It’s changing the industry. It’s imbibed in the cultures of Google and Facebook. THAT is what you should learn. That, which came right from the birthplace of Technology – The Silicon Valley.

Okay, I won’t keep you in a mystery anymore. ITS… hang on… its legend..Wait for it..daryyy…its.. *Drum rolls* DESIGN PATTERNS AND DESIGN THINKINGGG!!😀

I’ll give you factual info so that you don’t think I’m crazy😛

Here, have a look – http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/features/smartbuy/tech-news/infosys-changes-strategy-to-train-workers-in-design-thinking/article7275444.ece

Why is design patterns and design thinking such a mystery though? Why isn’t it that anyone knows about it much? Is it that important that you should stop running behind a job and those tech courses and focus on this first?? What is it in the first place, these design patterns and design thinking?

Wait for my next post to find out more😉 Or even better, Google it out and may be you could help me figure out what it’s all about😀

Till then, signing out. Cheers!! xx


The Tipping Point In The Life Of a B.E Comp/IT Graduate

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