How To Start Learning Programming In 2019


Programming learning

Many of them think that learning or doing programming is difficult for them, they might be thinking that programming is all about coding and learning coding is not easy for them to do. Well, Programming is all about thinking and innovations.

This article is consists of how a beginner start learning a programming language.

It is very simple before keeping your steps high in this field you have to take first & each step very simple let’s go in process of easy to hard.


1: Start with Basic of Programming:

                                                     Learn the basic of programming know the elements what are they..? How it works..? What is a bug..? Anything to start in programming goes with the basic structure of that because when you know the basic then moving towards advanced level will not be difficult for you. Start with C/C++, Go, Rust or Java as they pretty much have the same impact. As C is more prominent in beginners you will be tempted towards it. But remember it is getting older with minimal changes to its standards.

2: Have a Passion of Programming:

                                                    Passion plays an important role in programmers life, every programmer has a passion for coding, data structure and all the factors which are related to programming. If you have a passion for coding or programming the problems which you will face while coding,  you can execute that problem in a simple and well-defined manner. Passion brings interest and because of that many programmers have made one of the best programmes in the world. As a beginner, you need to always be ready to learn new things in programming.


3: Practice hours of coding:

                           When you will start learning the basics of programming, practise it every day no matters what is wrong and right, but constantly practise your code, to become a master of coding you need practice. As we all know practice makes perfect. While practising your coding skills you will know yourself where you are lacking. Start practising your coding skills on Hackerrank and/or HackerEarth and COMPLETE at least one Data Structures and Algorithms book.

4: Learn These Programming Languages:

                                                   When you know how to code then start learning this programming languages Javascript, Python, Java, why because java is one of the most popular languages in the world and stand at top and javascript and python are also popular programming language, when you will learn this programming language no other languages you will need to learn most of the website and apps are made on using this language.

5: Have a Creativity to Think:

                                       Well, programming is all about creativity and innovation, to bring that you must need to think. Make your programme full of creativity and don’t learn the code learn to think like programmers. One of the best programmes were made is based on thinking and creativity. How creative you are will show by your programme. Creativity leads to a good programme.

6: Do more projects:

                                 While doing more projects you will come to know what is your limitation and how to surpass them. Projects will help you to solve the problem and make your programme better than before,  you will learn new things while carrying out different projects which bug is creating a problem and where and how to fix that take every project different because the different project will teach new things.


You have chosen the best career for yourself, the demand for programmers never be down and one of the biggest focus for you should be to become master of programming by taking new projects and practise hours of code and never stop yourself for learning new things. You can also work as a freelancer and as web/app developer for companies and an average salary of a developer is Rs 356,642 India. So you have a vastly growing field and explore it with your creativity.                          



How To Start Learning Programming Langauges In 2019

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