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   Programming is thinking, not typing.

Every programmer learns programming in different ways from different mentors, but when it comes to solving problems they all think in the same manner.

Developing & Cultivating the mindset for problem solving is a crucial element of becoming a great developer .

In today’s arena, everyone is in a hurry to learn code, & everyone wants to become Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, but what they don’t understand is that writing a good piece of code doesnt simply come from learning syntaxes. It takes something else to find a place amongst these people, it takes a different level of thinking.

And so the obvious question to be asked is: How is it that great Programmers think? What is the secret sauce to good thinking? Here are the answers we could come up with:

1: Never Quit in between  until the job is done

Every programmer knows: it takes hours to find one semicolon or one missed capitalised word that is breaking the script.

Programmers never give up, they will try their best to make good program, because if program is not right it won’t run.

So, to think like programmer to solve problem, you should have patience , first know the problem, bring out solution, then start coding.

And take smallest step of big problem. Never ever stop in between find out the solution, until it’s done.

2: Cultivate a  Creative mindset

Creativity needs in programming

You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. Its logic based creativity – John Romero

Programmer think on the basis of their requirement which make their program looks creative.

Everybody looks programming as a boring, mathematical, computational but it has a creative side.

If you don’t have creative in your program, then you are not a programmer , you have just written a code which values nothing.

3: Everything is Practice

Practice your code! The more you practice, the less you have to think about code!

When a programmer practices the code, they think about structured data & their relationship.

When you have practice of problem solving programming, then you can solve every problem in programmatic way.

Every great programmer/developer has gone through a great deal of practicing hours of code.

4: Learn how to solve problem, not how to learn code

programmer thinking

If your program is wine, then it will take time. (okay, bad example but you get it right?)

    Always try to solve problem, before coding.

Programming is not about code, its about problem solving concept.

5: Be passionate about Programming

Real developers love their work, they are passionate about what they are doing.

  If you love your work you will don’t find problems, you will find opportunities .

Every programmer/developer is passionate about coding, they think in a programmatic way & find the solution of the problem.

If you want to be like this you must have passion for your work.


Programming is not about typing 500 lines of code, it is about what difference you can create for the world.

Time to become a Ninja Programmer, eh?

How Programmers Think..?

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