Whether you learn to program in school or at home, you’ll go through these 5 stages.


  1. The Hand-holding Honeymoon – text books and online courses will make you feel invincible while they hold your hand throughout the process of programming a cool app.
  2. The Cliff of Confusion – but once you face the proverbial “blank page” you’ll find you have no idea how to go about actually program anything.
  3. The Desert of Despair – you desperately jump from one online course or text book to the next. They are all either too basic or too advanced. But you continue your search – anything to avoid facing the “blank page”.
  4. The Upswing of Awesome – after building some basic apps you finally start to regain the confidence you got from early tutorials.
  5. Job Ready – you’re finally confident enough to go out and start applying for jobs. You have a portfolio of apps to get your foot in the door, and have coded enough to pass coding interviews.growth2

    Sooner or later, no one will be there to hold your hand. That’s when the true learning begins.

    Source: Quora

Growth Stages of a Programmer:

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